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Gorgeous Boy Blake is looking for an active home

Gorgeous Boy Blake is looking for an active home

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Bestest Hiking Buddy Ever!


Get ready to break out your sunglasses cause this guy's coat is as shiny as they come. Blake is a 3 yr old, ~75 lb neutered male, up to date on vax, microchipped and über handsome Dobie / Pittie blend. He is a large, lean, junior rugby player / wrestler / runner / hiker. His favorite invention on earth is the ball - which he will chase as long as you are willing to throw it. From there he's happy to dream of chasing balls instead. He has great house manners, has doggy restaurant experience, knows sit, drop it, walks nicely on leash "most of the time" and generally listens. That said, when his needs for exercise have not been met, all bets are off!

PACC recommends an active, experienced home for whom daily exercise is a given and this isn't your first rodeo (read, have experience with and love big charismatic dogs). Blake will do best in a home where there are not a lot of visitors, extended family or friends coming and going. This because he is wary of some strangers - mostly the isolated tall guy - coming to the house (he's more low key out and about because there are well...distractions, like the aforementioned ball). While he gets over his fears with proper introductions PACC is looking for a household that is on the introverted side and bar-b-ques are limited to the core family and women (what can he say, he's a ladies man!). PACC can walk his new family through proper introductions with the occasional guy he is worried about. Given his uncertainty, an adult or adult teen home would be best.


Blake is a big, goofy, lay in your lap kinda guy. His tail is thick enough that you feel it when it wags. And it wags A LOT, cause Blake is generally a happy guy and his joy is contagious. Oh, and hold on to your drinks as this guy can clear a table with that tail. Blake bonds quickly and like most dogs, is looking to be a central part of the family. He is very respectful of bigger stable dogs, holds his own with similarly aged and sized rough and tumble types, but we won't lie - he will take advantage of smaller rugby opponents when he can (isn't that what you want on your team? How else you gonna win??!!)

If you like your dogs big, goofy, affectionate and into fetch - give a shout out to Blake by filling out the PACC adoption application below. We will contact you once it's received.

P.S. Blake has a reasonable amount of prey drive so we do not recommend a home with cats.

PACC Adoption Application

Montana - Experienced Foster or Adopter

IMG_7454 (1).jpeg

Montana is a “love at first walk” kind of guy and once he’s invited you to be a part of his world, he falls fast and there’s no where you’d rather be. While he may have missed out during his first two years of life, that’s all over now and Montana is thrilled to experience it all! Whether it be an exciting outdoor experience or snuggled up together watching a movie, he stays stoked!

He makes even the most boring day a fun one with his never ending goofy spirit and spunk. He loves his stuffed  animals! He will quietly self play with toys for hours. He also digs playing with others and will bring you his toys to ask you to play catch or tug-of-war. Only there’s no war, just kisses. He’s big on kissing and we know he missed out on that too so be ready for some serious loving! 

While this mini hunk is happy to enjoy life at home together, he also has an adventurous spirit and loves exploring nature. He loves hiking, dug his first stand up paddle boarding session, is always down to chase waves and birds at the beach, dig for gophers anywhere, and walk along the pier or harbor with all the excitements of a busy day. That said, Montana will need a family who can thoughtfully balance enriching his world yet protecting him from his adorable lust for life. 

This special guy will need a patient and loving family to thrive, continue blossoming and flashing that incredible smile. A family who locks their gates and doors so Montana will never experience unexpected guests. Those humans haven’t walked him yet and he’ll immediately let you know he feels unsafe. 

On that note, as much as your neighbors or dinner guests might be dying to meet him (and they really should because he’s fabulous!), they’ll need to meet you outside and walk with the two of you for 15-30 minutes first. Otherwise you’ll need to love him enough to put Montana’s feelings and security first and say no. Instead share his photos and videos or possibly install a video monitor for live Montana TV (Yes! He’s that cute and fun!).  You can relax and enjoy your evening because Montana will happily play with his toys in a closed bedroom until your dinner guests leave.

Montana has made some wonderful dog friends and he adores their company; however four legged friends need to walk with him before he’s sure they’re safe and fun too. So, while this sweetie isn’t a dog park kind of guy, after a nice long walk together with a friendly dog, off leash play in a yard might be fabulous! 

With patience and lots of love and respect we’re still learning what’s scary for him. That list is shrinking with crazy amounts of love, repeated exposure and outings, and hot dogs or human grade beef jerky (his favorites and no, dog beef jerky won’t cut it!). This guy wants to make you happy and he’ll try his absolute best when he’s set up for success.

Montana is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his vaccinations. We’re obsessed with this guy and if you are too, let us know! We’d love to walk with you!

Adoption Application for Montana

Foster Application for Montana



So here at PACC we get A LOT of requests for help with behavior incompatibilities between families and their dogs and we're sure some of you can guess the number one reason for dogs acting out...NOT ENOUGH EXERCISE!!!


Let's face it, many of us are not as active as we like to think but still might want the unconditional love and affection of a dog.


Enter Cassie! Cassie has seen enough of the big world for one lifetime and her very clear preference is to be safely in your house, yard or on your lap! This girl is a super easy peasy, cuddly, only dog companion. We gotta believe there's a home out there that would welcome the sheer delight this girl brings without the needs for exercise that go along with most dogs. Cassie's super power is brightening people's hour, day, life depending on how long you spend with her. She's therapy without the bill. She soaks up the coo's and aww's that are pretty much everyone's innate reaction to meeting her. So if you have a lotta love to give, and can use some unconditional love back - you're lucky you're reading this post.


Roughly 6 years old, spayed, vaxed, and chipped, Cassie is what we call a low-riding, little hippo / pittie blend. Her favorite things might be yours too: sleeping in, nice quiet meals, snuggling and cuddling, napping in ray of sunshine coming through the window and taking in the big world from behind her favorite lookout spots. If you are more a reader than a runner, prefer podcasts to pilates, or just don't need a dog to go everywhere with you, Cassie just might be your girl. And, if you gotta work or spend time away from home she understands and will just chill till you come home, greeting you at the door with her signature smile and wiggly tail greeting. 


This little package is a low maintenance house and yard girl so if you aren't as active as you think you should be - drop the guilt and cuddle up with Cassie.


If Cassie sounds like a good fit with your situation (human only household no cats or dogs, no desires for a take-everywhere-dog) give a shout out to Cassie by completing the adoption application below and we will be in touch once it's received.

Adoption Application 


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Adoptable Dog Cocoa - 30 lb Terrier, Lab, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel - How Fun is That?!


Say hello to Cocoa - with an "a" which clearly stands for adorable. PACC is helping to rehome this bundle of joy as her humans have arrived at the painful conclusion they are not at an age conducive to the active lifestyle she deserves.


At 5 years old and falling into the *small to medium* range, this girl is young for her size and blend of breeds and will need a family for whom walks, romps, runs, hikes, fetch and zoomie sessions are a daily activity. People and dog friendly, Cocoa is a safe and fun off-leash companion once bonded to her people. Cocoa is spayed, up to date on vax, and microchipped. She does have a manageable condition called tooth resorption which means she has had a few teeth extracted over the years. She had her annual visit done in February (2022) so she is good to go and from there her new person/family will want to monitor it. Aside from this, Cocoa is a healthy, happy, all around fun girl. Having been the only dog in the home for her entire life, PACC did see a bit of reluctance to share her beloved ball - but this was mild (we could take it away, with her mostly just wishing we wouldn't) but she was a little more snarky when her own kind tried to intrude on her ball. PACC will walk her new family through easy remedies for this common phenomenon by showing you, how to show her, that sharing brings great rewards (and even more of her favorite toy - balls)!


While Cocoa gravitates toward humans, we did see glimpses of a dog who would likely enjoy the company of her own kind, so if you already have a dog you are looking for a buddy for, Cocoa could be a good fit. As if all of the above weren't enough Cocoa is fully house-trained and has exceptional home etiquette (we're pretty sure some of you here have a chewed piece of furniture or two, but Cocoa will not add to that collection). Given the minor guarding issue, children in the home should be 7+. Cats are not recommended as she does like to chase more than just balls (e.g., birds, squirrels and well...cats). If this little doll sounds like a good fit with your situation, please fill out the adoption application at the link below and we will be in touch once it's received.



PACC Adoption Application

Togo - Foster2Forever - Adopted!


Gorgeous blue eyed boy, Togo:

Togo is a 2 year old Husky who is thoroughly enjoying his new time living inside a home, after spending most of his life being kept outside at a storage shed facility. Being that he’s a super smart boy, he's quickly learned that there are rules to be followed indoors, and is happy to comply - especially when it means he gets to sleep in a cozy bed near his human. He’s house trained, uses a dog door when he needs to go out, and knows that counters are not for surfing. His desire to please his humans, has made learning basic obedience skills, an easy and fun way for him to show his appreciation.

Togo is dog friendly and loves having his Dobie friend around for companionship and playtime. He’s also doing great with the resident cat (not off leash yet, as we like to err on the side of caution - but they’ve been hanging out in the same room with no problems, and he’s perfectly fine with that).

After being left alone for so much of his life, he’s soaking up every bit of companionship he can get. He’ll patiently wait for you to finish your shower, will make sure your feet stay warm by sitting on them, and is just pretty darn happy to be inside and loved. As Huskies are a working breed, he’ll need a good amount of exercise to be his best self - but what better way to get your exercise in, than with a handsome guy with the most gorgeous blue eyes by your side? If you’re looking for a new family member who will thoroughly appreciate you, and isn’t shy about chatting to tell you how much he loves you, Togo’s your guy.


Adoption Application for Togo

Coming Soon! Blizzard

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Husky lovers stay tuned - PACCs pack is showing this handsome boy the ropes. He'll be up for adoption soon and some active, outdoorsy family is going to SCORE! 

Yukon - Adopted!

Yukon 6.heic

Foofy, Friendly, Blondie Boy


Meet Yukon!!! PACC is supporting Yukon's family whose work requires moving out of the country, entailing a new life unconducive to a canine companion. Those of you who know PACC, know we *like* our dogs, and we won't lie, we fell instantly in love with this dreamy blonde, heterochromia guy (no that is not a worrisome health condition, it makes him a unique gem with one blue and one brown eye). 


At 7.5 years old, 70 lbs large, neutered, fully vaxed, microchipped and healthy, this guy comes with no additions to your To Do list. Believed to be a Husky / Golden blend, we just know he's lovely. Yukon is that quintessential family dog: loyal to his people, content to do the house and yard rounds while keeping one eye on the little human and the other eye on other duties as assigned: relaying that the guy who leaves boxes at the door is back, vacuuming crumbs off the floor, greeting guests (enforcing belly rubs as the entrance fee), going to work with dad as needed, or waiting patiently at home until his humans return from whatever it is they do all day. And all of this, drama free. 


We repeat - Drama. Free.


All that said, Yukon will be the first to clarify that his own kind stress him out. He has crossed homes with other dogs off his list. Yukon would like to share that he's got the household's dog duties covered and he "don't need no help!!!".


On the exercise front - Yukon is no gym rat, so potential adopters can drop the guilt about not taking the dog on a hike every day. He's more the "I'll be right here when you get back" kinda guy and for exercise "I'll chase that ball you like to throw in the backyard...a few times, but don't expect more". That said, PACC could see he likes his walks and appreciates distance and distractions (read treats) from other dogs. We will show potential adopters how to keep walks equally drama free.


If Yukon sounds like a good fit with your situation (human only household, no dogs or cats), complete the adoption application linked below and we'll be in touch once it's received.



PACC Adoption Application

Stitch - Reunited with Family!

Stitch 1.jpg
Stitch 2.jpg

PACC is teaming up with two of our favorite rescuers to rehome Stitch. A medium sized, 54 lb, 1 year old, neutered, male, Border Collie / Blue Merle Aussie blend, his family didn't know what they didn't know, but learned the hard way what happens when you keep a working dog cooped up in an apartment. While Stitch got off to a delayed start on the socialization, structure and exposure to the big world fronts, his lineage is known for its smarts and he's no exception. Mr. Smarty Pants is an AP student. He sailed through crash courses in - people aren't scary, dogs are play buddies, beaches are fun, sand is trippy and waves are bliss. His GPA is already 3.8 (that doesn't include all of the extra curricular activities his rescue shero has provided him). Stitch is now ready for advanced coursework in "home". We are looking for an experienced, dog savvy, active home, ideally with a mentor dog Stitch can play with and cue off. We have had a lot of interest in Stitch and believe he will be highly adoptable once he learns the ropes of living in a home that can meet his needs for exercise and stimulation and where he can be a central part of the family. (Cats are unknown and children should be beyond the herding age).


Stitch Learning to Text:


From Stitch's rescuer: Stitch is healthy, strong and smart. He absolutely loves pets and playing fetch with just about anything he can get his paws on. He loves head massages and belly rubs. Being a coastal dog his favorite place to be is by the water. He loves nothing more than chasing waves. He is a vocal boy who likes to weigh in on a lot of things but is learning that the humans like less bark, which is easier for him to comply with when his needs for exercise and being part of the family are met. He will overly focus on light/shadows when bored, something to work on. He is wary of the occasional stranger, much much better than just a few weeks ago. He is the absolute best walking/jogging/hiking partner and a great ride along buddy in the car (with only occasional barks). He excels in training so any training wonks out there who want to do agility, teach him to catch a frisbee or even surf would be welcome. 

PACC Foster Application

Ace - Foster2Forever - Adopted!

Ace 1.jpeg
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Ace cliff.jpeg

UPDATE: A huge thank you to Chase for opening his heart and home to foster Ace ❤️


Ace Needs a Place to Crash And He Makes An Awesome Roommate!

Please extend a warm welcome to Ace, the newest member of our PACC. Blessed with a family who loves him deeply, Ace's humans have undergone trauma that means uprooting their lives, including finding a new affordable place to live - which most of us know is near impossible in the Bay Area, let alone with a misunderstood breed in tow. The family is being forced to rehome their beloved boy and PACC is offering our full support in ensuring this boy's future is bright!


Before you start feeling sorry for Ace - don't. He has weathered hard times like a zen master. Maybe his daily couch meditations are responsible for his being in the now and accepting the circumstances in front of him with joy, a wiggly butt and happy tail. 


Wicked cute, large by some standards (not ours ;-) ~65 lb, 3 yrs old, neutered, vaxed, chipped - Ace is a Pittie, possibly Bulldog blend, with a clean bill of health. He loves his walks and generally walks drama free (fits of joy in tall wet grass notwithstanding). He's a snuggler, leaner, feet-sitter-oner. He also grunts and snores - not so charming in a human roommate but priceless in a pupper roomie. Ace currently lives with his Standard Poodle cousin who's fond of redecorating the house while his people are out. Despite trying his best to enlist Ace in the *home deco game* it hasn't worked. Ace is beyond the puppy stage and likes to keep his humans happy.


Ace is good with people, kids, dogs big and small (unless they are total buttheads, talking to him from a mile away - you know who you are!!!). He has not lived with cats. PACC is looking for a foster for Ace while we find his permanent home. If you are looking for the cutest roommate ever, give a shout out to Ace by completing the form below and we will reach out once it's received.


PACC Foster Form

Sophie - Adopted!

IMG_2002 (1).jpeg

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Sophie is looking for a home because her dad is moving into a senior assisted living situation and feels he won’t be able to give her the care she needs.


Sophie is an 8 year old Bichon/Poodle mix who loves everyone she meets (including the vet and groomer!). She’ll bring you her favorite stuffy to let you know when she needs to go outside, and connects quickly with that soulful look in her eyes. She does ask that she gets a treat after doing her business, but will go to her special spot to patiently wait for it, cause she’s polite like that.


She loves nothing more than to be with her person, and will pay you back tenfold with affection, loyalty, and love. She does have a few cysts which don’t bother her, and don’t need any treatment per her vet. In her spare time, she enjoys her daily walks, and doing a little sunbathing in the yard when it’s nice outside. Sophie has some dog buddies, but her most favorite thing is being with her person.


If you’re looking for a happy and mature girl (no puppy messes or chewing up your stuff) who still has a lot of life left, and will make you smile every day, please fill out the application below.

PACC Adoption Application

Remy - Adopted!

Remy no prong.jpg
Remy 2.jpeg

All-Round Active, Athletic, Super Sweet Boy


Ever heard of a European Doberman? Well apparently you're looking at one!


PACC got a call asking for help rehoming Remy for reasons that are too complicated to go into here, but none of which have anything to do with him. We are happy to support the family in wanting better for him.


Roughly 2 years old, large (90 lbs), neutered, up to date on vax and a healthy active boy - Remy opened our hearts big when we met him. He's an all around good boy - good with children of all ages (current home has 4), good with dogs (while he's the only dog in the home, he does well at the dog park), and super fun with an ear to ear smile. Speaking of ears, his are lovely and they flap in the Half Moon Bay wind. 


Remy is looking for a home that loves their dogs BIG and has the time to exercise him regularly. Runners, hikers, those looking to *log their steps* would be a great fit for this guy. Bonus: Remy will provide the motivation needed to stick to that New Years resolution because let's face it, he's much more fun than a stationary bike or dieting. He's also quite the cuddler.


Remy will fit well in a home with other dogs but can just as easily be the only boy in the home, as he is now. If coming up on 2 years of Covid has exhausted you - consider brightening your life with the simple pleasures that dogs are so good at reminding us of.


Interested? Fill out the application below and we will be in touch once it's received.

PACC Adoption Application

Maddie - Adopted!


Adoptable Dog Maddie: Cattle Dog Cuteness Alert!


Meet Maddie! This adorable nugget is a warm, well mannered, super friendly girl coming up on 5 years old. She is people, dog and cat cuddly. PACC has been asked for help rehoming Maddie due to the arrival of a new grandson and the family's desire to err on the side of caution when it comes to a herding dog and a crawling, soon to be running, baby. That said, Maddie is a pretty chill, low maintenance girl.


If you're worried about the high energy, herding, "wish I had a treadmill" for this cattledog phenomenon, don't - because Maddie is 1/3 couch potato and 1/3 lounge lizard. While she likes her walks and beach outings (and will make those activities a 1,000 times more enjoyable with her at your side) - a couch and spots to lie in the sun are all this girl needs to love and follow you unconditionally. Post-walk she's content to chill in the garden and do what the cat tells her to do, which cannot be said of every heeler we've met ;-). 


Maddie is house-trained, spayed, up to date on vax and microchipped. She grew up, and currently lives with a feisty-little-dog who isn't always the nicest brother, but Maddie cuts him a lot of slack. While she could just sit on him to teach him a lesson or two, she generally doesn't.


PACC is looking for an active household, where any children in the home are 10 or older, and where Maddie will be a central part of her new forever family. If she sounds like a good fit with your situation, please fill out the application below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Adoption Application for Maddie 

Tucker - Adopted!

Tucker 1.jpeg
Tucker 2.jpeg
Tucker 3.heic

Lover, Leaner, Lounger!


Meet Tucker, the newest member of our PACC! Rescued from the San José shelter in the nick of time, this guy oozes gratitude and love. ~6-7 years young, Tucker was listed as a Rhodesian Ridgeback *blend* which is lucky for us because he caught the eye of Kathryn and is being fostered alongside her two very accommodating Rhodesians (they aren't sure he's a Rhodesian but he ain't saying anything)! 


Tucker is neutered, microchipped and up to date on vax. Weighing in at 73 lbs, his is a REAL, not a sissy lean (weighted blanket lovers take note). He came to us needing his ears checked out by a vet, which we have done and got the all clear. Past ear conditions that went untreated resulted in a thickening of Tuckers ears - which only add to his teddy bear charm. No need to worry, he hears just fine which you'll find out when you break out the treat bag!


A quintessential gentleman, over the moon with the simple things in life - Tucker pays you back 10-fold in cuddling currency. He loves his toys and balls, visits the toy box everyday and will play retrieve with you too! This guy's big heart will break yours wide open. Oh, and don't let the gray around the muzzle fool you (some of us go gray early and Tucker falls into that category), he's an active boy that loves his walks in the great outdoors. This morning he logged 3 miles, no problem! Tucker likes the company of calm, quiet dogs who lounge around like he does. If you have one or two of those, PACC will help to make sure it's a good fit, but he would also do fine as the only dog in the home - he's flexible!


If you need a little more unconditional love in your life and Tucker sounds like a good fit with your situation, fill out the adoption application below and we'll be in touch!


PACC Adoption Application

Leo Before.jpeg
Leo & Ella 1.jpeg
Leo After.jpeg

Leo - Foster2Forever - Adopted!

Here at PACC we do love our F2Fs! What better way to ensure the perfect fit? Leo couldn't agree more. PACC got a call for help from the Santa Cruz SPCA. Mr. Boogie (now Leo) was originally brought into Monterey County Animal Services as a stray, and from there was transferred to the Santa Cruz SPCA. PACC reached out to Mona, Bob and resident dogess Ella (pictured above center) - and YES they were happy to foster Leo! Not only did they save his life (and get him the grooming he desperately needed!), they ended up providing Leo the extraordinary home he now finds himself in, with a very bright future ahead. PACC couldn't be happier to have facilitated the perfect match. Leo and Ella have become besties and he is learning the ropes with Blue the feline dog wrangler in the house.

Shitake - Foster2Forever - Adopted!


Shitake (now Ninja) wormed his way into his foster family's heart so fast we never got to do a photo shoot. He comes from the Contra Costa Shelter in Martinez where he was set to be euthanized for being too frightened to come out of the kennel (we kid you not). Contra Costa is behind the times but we didn't let that stop us from grabbing this little guy who perked up by the time we got to the parking lot. Given how much we loved him INSTANTLY we predicted an immediate F2F, and couldn't be happier that we were right. Thank you Kristi and family for giving this Ninja the great life he deserves!

Bishop - Adopted!

Bishop definite 1.jpeg
Bishop 2.jpg
Bishop Halloween.jpg

Introducing Bishop - the latest adoptable member of our PACC!


Roughly 1.5 yrs old, neutered, male, ~50 lb, sweet and sensitive - this pittie boy has brightened his foster home immensely. In fact he got past the foster suitability *test* in about 2 mins flat. He likes to get things done quickly. Within 3 minutes he was sitting on laps and breaking out his signature "lean". Hard to resist a leaner, and he knows it. This guy would be great in sales. Humans? pretty much love um... Dogs? love them too. Cats? loves them a little too much, so, to our cat loving friends, not the right boy for you :-)


Searching for a chill running, hiking, walking, driving buddy? Bishop checks all those boxes. While he could - he generally doesn't - pull on the leash, unless it's to say "hi". He does like to say "hi" but understands if the humans aren't down for that. He doesn't make a scene when other dogs walk by, which cannot be said for all of our doggy friends. Bishop can be left alone with no drama and is housetrained. His fosters report that he's a sensitive boy, so any guidance must be done in a quiet, very positive sing-songy voice lest he submissively or over-worryingly leave a trace of pee. This is a product of his situation before coming to PACC and he is quickly growing past those "training methods" realizing modern dog lovers don't take the old-school "tough love" approach. True to a dog's nature he doesn't dwell on the past. His current obsession is which bandana to wear for halloween so he can get more treats. He is a big fan of treats.


If Bishop sounds like a good fit with your situation, please fill out the PACC application below and we will reach out once it's received.


PACC Adoption Application

Zena - Scooped up by PACC - Adopted!


A HUGE thank you to our fabulous fosters Nick & Taylor for having Zena's back when she needed you most.


Calling all Rottie Lovers!

Zena is basically a life size teddy bear who checks all of the dream companion boxes: Family friendly (adults and kids), dog friendly (small, medium, large), cat (and we are told bird) friendly; cute (that goes without saying), cuddly, connected (this girl bonds BIG), and quiet. Pretty hard to beat right? Unless you're a runner or long haul hiker. Zena is not built for running nor long haul hiking. She prefers reasonably distanced sniff walks (a mile or so is plenty). At 8 years old, 80 lbs, spayed, and up to date on vax, Zena is ready for her 2nd and final home. Zena's family love her deeply but due to a set of circumstances none of us would ever want to experience, they were forced to ask for help rehoming her. PACC stepped in promising no one would ever hurt her (their biggest fear). 


For you work at homers, Zena is pretty much the perfect Zoom companion. She does have initial separation anxiety until she knows she is settled. Also Zena does have one issue she asked us to share, so here goes. She is not a fan of kibble. She didn't grow up with it and finds it "disgusting". She prefers home cooking, and is not beyond the hunger strike or two to get her point across. So if she stops eating, no she is not sick, she just isn't going to eat kibble unless...well...there's no kibble in it. So if you are interested in this girl, be prepared to break out a doggy cookbook or two.


While she's very understated about most things, when the leash appears for her walk, prepare for the cutest twirl ever. You read that right, those things that ballerina's do. And while she's no ballerina, we give her twirls a 10.5 on the cuteness scale. 


If Zena sounds like a good fit with your situation, please complete the application below and we'll be in touch once it's received.


PACC Adoption Application

Sheldon - Adopted!

New Sheldon 1.jpg
New Sheldon 2.jpg
New Sheldon 3.gif

Star Running Back Looking For All Star Team


Sheldon's DNA results are in!

If you guessed Shepherd and Husky you get a C+ (that's what we guessed so we're not being any harder on you). If you also guessed the ubiquitous breeds of Lab and American Staffordshire Terrier, you get a B+. If you went even further and saw dashes of White Swiss Shepherd and Bichon Frise, well then you get an A. And if you have ever heard of and suspected Nederlandse Kooikerhondje too, well then you're a genius and get an A++.

DNA test aside, we know a fantastic dog when we see one, and Sheldon fits that bill. Roughly 1.5 years old, neutered, up to date on vaccines with a clean bill of health Sheldon is ready to be recruited! His list of attributes is too long to cover here but the short version includes: Quick (both physically and intellectually :-), fun, and affectionate. Sheldon is one of those guys who actually listens, so if you are talking to yourself, just know there's a brain in the background trying to process what you are saying. Sheldon has stellar "sit, wait, watch me'' and the coveted "come" skill (admit it, a dog that reliably comes when you call him is pretty awesome :-).  While Sheldon is wary of some, but not all strangers (read alarm barks) - he warms up quickly with treats and assurance this is not an intruder! If it is an intruder, Sheldon will admittedly make such a loud racket, said intruder, will quickly retreat.

It likely goes without saying that there are very few encounters where the subject of Sheldon's eyes does not come up. The aforementioned DNA test results predicted "this dog may have blue eyes," and well...yes!!! He's a joy to walk on the coastal trail, is a great hiking buddy, and fits well into spontaneous off-leash dog romps cause he's great with dogs big and small, and has a special skill of making besties everywhere he goes. Any children in the home should be 11+ as Sheldon likes to run at high speeds and is fond of steeplechase type games (which you and your little ones just don't need). Cats are not recommended as he strikes us as a little too interested in our feline friends.

If you are looking to add an active, heart throb kinda guy to your home, ideally one with another dog(s) he can bestie-up with, please fill out the adoption application below and we will contact you once it's received.


PACC Adoption Application

Rico - Adopted!

Rico 1.jpeg
Rico 2.jpeg
Rico Puppuccino.jpeg

Meet Rico! This gorgeous roughly 1.5 yr old, 65 lb, neutered male, Shepherdy / Heinz 57 is great with big humans, little humans and dogs of all sizes. Rico has also adjusted quickly to his foster family's cat. He has exceeded all expectations on camping trips, beach outings, coastal trail walks and visits to cafés where he's become a favorite among the human Puppuccino makers. Rico loves to swim, and run...or rather lope. To watch Rico lope, with his beautiful coat flying in the wind, is a thing of beauty. It's just a matter of time before Rico's adopter has a phone full of Rico pics and running videos! 


Rico is looking for an active home that can meet his needs for daily exercise, and where he will be a central part of the family. Walks, runs, hikes, swims - he's pretty much up for whatever you are! He came to us with separation anxiety, but his fabulous foster Derek has helped him figure out, his family does return and he can now be left alone for 3-4 hours which will increase over time. Rico would likely cue well off of a family dog who doesn't get nervous when his/her people leave, so factor that in if you are interested!


Rico is up to date on vaccinations, is microchipped and has a clean bill of health. If this hunk of a guy sounds like a good fit with your situation please fill out the PACC application below and we will be in touch once it's received.


PACC Adoption Application

Rae - Adopted!

Rae 1A.jpg
Rae 3A.jpg
Rae 2.jpeg

Adoptable Rae of Sunshine!

Rae (as in Little Miss Ray of Sunshine) earned her name from the lovely family who found her and took care of her for over a month before she came to us - they adored her, but weren’t in the position to keep a dog permanently. She’s now a PACC pup, has been with one of our fosters for several weeks (many thanks to Kristi and her family for doing a great job and making her feel she's part of the family), and is ready to find her forever home. She’s adjusted well, going from somewhat timid (who wouldn’t be, after being abandoned) to a more confident little girl who’s discovered that walks on the coast are pretty hard to beat.


Rae gets along great with kids and other dogs (even when she’s yapped at by other small dogs), loves her stuffies (specifically she loves shredding them), and will ask to go outside when she needs to do her business.


She’s about 3 years old, small but solid at 20 pounds, up to date on her vaccinations, has a clean bill of health and will be spayed soon. Rae thinks pillows make the perfect bed, is especially fond of men, and is generally quiet unless she hears something outside that the family should know about. She has a deeper bark than you’d expect from a girl her size so there’s no high pitched yapping that sometimes comes with small dogs.


If you’re looking for an easy going girl who doesn’t take much room, will entertain you as she hunts down hidden stuffies, and give you lots of love in return - Rae just might be your girl.


Fill out the adoption application below to express an interest in bringing a Rae of Sunshine into your life!


PACC Adoption Application

Clancy - Adopted!


Introducing Clancy.  Through no fault of his own this kind hearted boy needs a new forever home.  His owner is in a facility and it has become permanent so he has decided  to let him go.


Clancy is sweet boy that is just about perfect. A purebred Cocker Spaniel that is very healthy. He has good eyes, ears and one fatty tumor that is just that. He loves people, other dogs and animals (except raccoons, he hates raccoons) he loves children and he is even great for the groomer.  He loves his walks and greeting people, and he enjoys the rest of the day lounging on the couch cuddling with someone.  


His happiness is contagious! He loves to ride in the car and go new places.   His only fault is that he does have separation anxiety so it needs to be managed. His current foster works 8-10 hour days and manages it fine. 

Clancy would do best in a home that has a contained yard and preferably someone that stays home with him, or can offer him a safe place while they are out and understands separation anxiety. 

Clancy is 11 years young, up to date on everything, and about 30#.

PACC Adoption Application

Jora - Adopted!

Jora 1.jpeg
Jora 2.jpeg

Meet Jora, the newest member of our PACC!


If you like your huskies but aren't up for the size they bring - consider this cute featherweight! At only 34 lbs (don't let the fluff fool you) Jora was NOT the full size husky we were expecting when we met. But she does come with those signature blue husky eyes. We fell in love with her instantly and suspect you will to. At roughly 2 yrs old Jora is spayed, microchipped and can produce her vaccination card upon request. PACC's foster family reports that she's a sheer delight to be around, and we have to concur. She is housetrained and that rare combination of active but not bouncing off the walls (this girl doesn't need the Iditarod to calm her down, a long walk or hike once a day and she's content). Jora is super cuddly but not needy, she is known for lying on her bed tossing toys in the air while the family cooks or works in the other room. She will ask for permission before jumping on the couch to snuggle up. She's also a spectacular co-pilot content to look out the window, with no backseat driving, which cannot be said for everyone (right honey?!)


Jora can be wary of some, but not all strangers. That said, she warms up quickly once she realizes they mean no harm. And like some princesses, she doesn't always prefer to share her toys. She is happy (read thrilled) to share her toys with big and little humans alike - but she doesn't feel the need to be so generous with her doggy friends who can find their own toys to play with. Her family will need to do a little toy management and PACC can show you the ropes on that front. Despite the toy thing, Jora has many doggy friends who love to hike and play with her so she will fit well into an existing dog household and PACC will help to make sure it's a good fit. Jora's foster family has a cat that Jora is not much interested in but they are kept separate, so cat's are a possibility but cat lovers would have to go in eyes wide open on the acclimation front.


PACC gets a lot of requests for that difficult to find *medium* size dog - not too small, not too big - and we can tell you they are hard to come by. Jora is that girl so if you are interested in scooping her up, complete the adoption application below and we'll be in touch.

PACC Adoption Application

Smokey - Adopted!

Replace Smokey 1.jpeg
Smokey treat catcher.jpeg
Smokey Queuing Off Lexi.jpeg

Chunky Munkey Guaranteed to Brighten Your Home


PACC is pleased to introduce Smokey: roughly 5 years old, neutered, male, Heinz 57 brindle -  believed to be an Am Staffie / Pittie boy with at least a few splashes of other stuff. We had the pleasure of working with Smokey at the Berkeley Animal Care shelter where he stood out as a guy who would fit nicely, and undramatically into an easy going home. Smokey's owner has repeatedly fallen on hard times and PACC is dedicated to supporting him in re-homing the dog he loves deeply but cannot adequately care for. 


Smokey is highly house trained meaning he's first on the list to go out in the morning cause otherwise he'll hold it (longer than is good for him). Once out and about he's a slow, sniff, waddler - which will frustrate speed walkers who have places to be. Smokey's a no hurry, no pulling kinda guy. He will teach you how to be in the moment and smell the grass...or clover...or flowers...


Smokey's not much bothered by trail traffic - chill with passing dogs, horses, kids, strollers, bikes. You name it. He appears to enjoy the company of calm stable dogs - a few of which he's met and they definitely brightened his day. He's a dog we think would cue nicely off of a calm yet playful, confident canine who might show him the ropes. Additionally, "the Smokes" is a trail and hiking buddy extraordinaire. Like most dogs he appreciates the great outdoors but not to the point where it's the who's walking who conundrum. He's content to have you lead and will sit nicely on command, content to wait for whatever it is you want him to wait for. We can easily imagine him making any camping trip more fun and safe. Smokey's secret skill is catching treats out of the air. To date he hasn't missed any. The one we thought he DID miss can be found in a close up of one of the attached pics (for the curious among you).


Children recommended 10+ (or beyond the age of running around and being unpredictable - since we have not seen Smokey around wee ones). He is not kitty tested yet but given, to date, he has not tried to chase small animals on the trail, he may be fine - kitty owners should go in eyes wide open on the patience front.


If Smokey sounds like a good fit with your situation please complete the adoption application linked below and we will reach out once its received:

PACC Adoption Application

Sammie - Medical Euthanasia 

Technically Sammie was not a PACC dog, as she was rescued by A Girls Best Friend, but to us, she is and was. Board member Chris Guio and her family opened their hearts and their home to Sammie, doing everything imaginable to save her from the severe case of diabetes that left her emaciated, and unable to gain the weight needed to be a healthy, happy dog. As a result of the diabetes, Sammie lost her sight -  first in one eye, then in the other. Despite moments of joy, especially on the short "walkies" that she loved, but that overly tired her, we could see Sammie's zest for life fading. In part on the advice of the vets who treated her, and our own experience watching Sammie decline, the excruciating decision was made to free Sammie from her body and finally give her the wings she needed to fly. Rest in peace Sammie, we love you deeply. You will always hold a place in our hearts little angel.


Meet Sammie - as in she, not he.


This 3-5 year old, spayed female pittie will soon be on the motivational speaking circuit sharing how to turn lemons into lemonade.

Abandoned in a backyard, Sammie landed at a shelter emaciated and literally on her last legs. Slated for euthanasia - A Girl's Best Friend rescue stepped in to give this girl the chance every dog deserves. Turns out Sammie is diabetic, and as a consequence is gradually losing her sight. Happily though, she is receiving excellent care with PACC Board member Chris Guio. 

Sammie's figure is filling out, she's gaining energy to play and can increasingly enjoy her favorite activities, in the following order: cuddling, cuddling, and cuddling. Sammie loves humans of all ages, and while she can be a happy member of a multiple big and/or small dog household - she is in need of a calm, huge hearted medical foster / home, ideally with only one or less other animals so she can adjust to losing her sight while her diabetes is brought under control (this entails a pin prick now and then, and a quick insulin shot twice a day.)


If you feel you can help complete this angels set of wings so she can fly, please contact: or Chris Guio,, (650) 438-0617 c

Leo - Adopted!

Leo 4.HEIC
Leo 2.jpeg

Resumé Highlights Include Dream Walker, Ball Catcher and More!


You'll tell us whether you see Black Lab and Border Collie in this fellow. So far no one refutes the Border Collie hypothesis. We know the BC's have a following, so we are talking to you!


Leo is that coveted "medium" size dog at 43 lbs. He is ~15 months old, neutered, light on his feet, and can catch even the most poorly thrown balls. His dream day would entail waking up on the early side, a predictable meal, a breath of fresh air in the form of ball chasing in an EMPTY dog / fenced park, or if the loud boisterous dogs are already hogging the yard, a 30-40 min walk will hold him off till you actually can throw the ball. In the back yard is fine. Leo is not picky about his ball retrieving location. He is picky about his friends though. He very much enjoys the company of calm, stable, lower energy dogs - so if you have one or even two of those, thumbs up. He is considerably less comfortable (read overwhelmed) by loud, boisterous dogs. Introverts out there might relate - Leo prefers small, intimate, gatherings with a few low key friends. Lots of strange visitors stress him out (not fun for you or him).


If you are looking for a dream walking companion, look no further. Leo has a vested interest in keeping that throwing arm in mint condition - so he doesn't pull on the leash. He's a quiet curious observer as dogs pass by unless they are making a scene, in which case he requires a bit more distance to watch and want no part of. 


Given Leo's preference for calm, structured, predictable routine - children under 10, and families sprinting to keep up with them, are not recommended. If Leo sounds like a good fit with your situation please fill out the PACC application below and we will contact you once it's received.


P.S. Leo is a superb co-pilot in the car. He will instigate play with mellow dog and cat buddies. He also knows how to ring a bell to be let outdoors. PACC cannot take credit for this skill. We do know a dog with great potential though, and for us, Leo fits that bill.


PACC Adoption Application

Chiquita - Adopted!

Meet Chiquita, a ~3 year old, soon to be spayed, female Rottie who is located in Santa Cruz. Chiquita's family describes her as the perfect dog in every way, but recently she has become more nervous when the young and boisterous grandkids visit. And they like to visit A LOT. The family has decided its best not to stress her out.


Chiquita's ideal home would be with adults and possibly mature / calm kids ages 10+ where strange little humans are not coming and going (Chiquita is oblivious to kids out in public, but nervous with new kids coming to the house). She is the quintessential love bug, walks gently on leash, ignores even lunging little yappy dogs (no disrespect, we like the little yapsters, but a lot of big dogs don't. Happily Chiquita is not that girl). She is generally great with dogs and would fit well into a single or multiple dog household. She is not your Fitbit kind of gal - so all you runner types - keep looking :-).

If you are searching for a friendly, easy-going, low-to moderate exercise love muffin, Chiquita may be your girl. Oh, and you can cross "barker" off the list. Other than letting you know someone's at the door or approaching your car, she's more the strong silent type.

If Chiquita sounds like a good fit with your family please fill out the PACC Adoption Application linked below and we will reach out to you once it's received.

PACC Adoption Application

Logan - Rehomed by Family

Logan 1.jpg
Logan 2.jpg
Logan 3.jpg
Logan 4.jpg

Fellow Animal Lovers,


Allow us to introduce Logan. Logan is a ~1 yr old, neutered, male, German Shepherd / Rottie mix. Like many large dogs Logan's age, he looks like an adult, but is actually just a young lad - albeit a big one. PACC is supporting Logan's family, who have come to the difficult conclusion that they cannot provide Logan what he needs to be *his best self*. Simply put, Logan needs a more active home than the family can provide. A long walk (or run), a few tosses of the tennis ball and mental stimulation for those "smarter than the average bears" and Logan will reach that *Good Boy* status. He is non-reactive to dogs on leash, great on the busy coastal trail, good with adults (slightly more wary of men, but quickly warms up) and loves to PLAY. Can you say tennis ball?! Cause Logan can chase and return a tennis ball until the cows come home. He's also a big fan of the hose because it has, well...water! Logan has shown some signs of nervousness around kids so at the moment we are searching for an adult / teen only home until we can get a better read on this nervousness.


As is not uncommon, Logan may exhibit some signs of separation anxiety when in his new home. He bonds very quickly making transitions difficult for him. The ideal family will understand he'll need a few days to figure out he's in his new forever home. If Logan sounds like a good fit with your family (great in a single or multiple dog household) please complete the PACC Adoption Application at the link below and we will reach out to you. Logan has not been kitty tested yet, but we can report back on that front if needed.


Video of Logan


PACC Adoption Application 

Atti - Adopted!

Atti 1.jpg
Atti 2.jpeg

Meet Atti. Atti is a ~1.5 yr old, neutered male Anatolian Shepherd mix believed to be a farm dog when he lived in Iran. While aspects of Atti's looks tell a story of trauma - his temperament reflects anything but. This incredibly regal boy is stoic, friendly, calm, gentle, quick to bond, and even quicker to steal hearts with his casual and understated offer of "paw" when you least expect it. He enjoys the company of other dogs, understands and wholly embraces the couch potato concept and is a very pleasant walking companion (Atti needs only a moderate level of exercise as a former leg injury precludes him from long hikes and runs). Atti enjoys children and looks forward to the supplemental care he receives from his foster's 11 yr old neighbor. Atti's huge hearted rescuer worked with a group of s/hero's to transport him from Iran to the US. He is nearing a clean bill of health (receiving medication for a bladder infection). The ideal home for Atti would be a home with another dog as he and Tucker, his foster's dog, quickly became BFFs and the joy of watching them play is priceless. Any family lucky enough to adopt this boy will be blessed with a special sentient being (NOTE: we love all dogs...and well...this boy is pretty special). Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about Atti.


HINT: Atti is the large dog with spots on his nose in the pics and videos


Link to video:


PACC Adoption Application

Little Bit - Adopted!


Little Bit, believed to be abandoned, was found sitting in the cold on a busy road in Merced, waiting faithfully for his person. Luckily, this friendly little guy decided he’d trust the Good Samaritan who offered to help him and jumped right into her arms.


He’s now being fostered with one of our board members in Half Moon Bay, and is enjoying living with his new pack of dog buddies of all ages and sizes. He’s about 10 months old, is happy to play when his new friends want to (he’s even managed to get a 16 year old to play with him!) but is also content to hang out on the couch when the older pups think it’s time for a nap.


He’s already been vaccinated, neutered and chipped (thanks to an amazing rescue partner), uses a dog door, and will be looking for his forever home. He's an easily manageable size (but not too fragile) at 14 pounds, does well with cats and kids. We think he’s a chi/doxie mix (he hasn’t divulged that info yet, but he did tell us he’s very grateful to all the amazing ladies who worked together to help him). We’re now ready to work on finding this adorable little guy a forever home, with someone who will treasure him, like he should have been all along.


If you’re interested in meeting Little Bit please fill out an application below.

PACC Adoption Application

Scooby - Rescue + Adopted!


This gorgeous (~1 yr old) guy is at Berkeley Animal Care Services (BACS) where he is getting fabulous care and where we have had the pleasure of getting to know him. 

Scooby came to the Berkeley shelter rough around the edges due to some unfortunate experiences with dogs much bigger than him when he was just a little guy. This resulted in a generalized fear of dogs when out and about, leading to being reactive to dogs passing by on leash. He has gotten much better while at the shelter and is benefitting from daily training walks and regular play dates with stable dogs who are teaching him to trust again. He's decided he's open to tug-o-war and rough and tumble with dogs he trusts which so far have been several. He's a HUGE fan of fetch thus is easy to exercise in the backyard when you aren't up for a walk (6 is his favorite number of tennis balls to play with - if you have less, don't worry, he'll find more). Scooby learned the game "Find It" on his first try, proving there's a bit of a smarty-pants behind those big ears. He turns heads when out and about, so be prepared to be popular when walking him. Scooby is looking for a person or family that knows, loves and has a soft spot for big dogs who are growing into their own. He's a big boy so all you big and tall folks out there, this might just be your guy.


Link to Scooby's bio which includes information about how to express interest in him:


We would be grateful for help spreading the word about Scooby!

Mochi - Adopted!

Mochi 1.jpg
Mochi 2.jpg

Mochi is "all ears" if you are interested in considering him as a new family member!

He is a 3-4 month old male believed to be Border Collie / Pittie mix who we think will grow to be that coveted medium size household member. He’s an extremely sweet boy, loves people, and gets along great with other dogs (doesn’t need to be the boss). He’s doing well with house training but is still working on perfecting his skills. He sleeps quietly all night, is playful, and loves to snuggle up with people. He’s been neutered and is up to date on vaccinations. His favorite past times are playing, napping and playing.

Mochi is being fostered in Half Moon Bay by Board Member Chris Guio, for A Girl's Best Friend Rescue. They can be reached at


Contact: Chris Guio,, (650) 438-0617 for more information.

Please help us find Mochi a family to call his own!

Athena - Adopted!


Athena is 1-1/2, very sweet, good with large and small dogs, and kids. She's timid with new situations and people, but very loving once she warms up to you and trusts you. She was found as a stray in the Central Valley and was fortunate that a local rescue took her in and saved her from heading to the shelter. 


She's housebroken, UTD on vaccines (will be spayed) and will sleep quietly through the night in her crate (although she told us she really prefers to snuggle up with you on your bed). She gains confidence from other dogs and is very respectful of them. Athena will need someone who can be patient with her while she gets to know you and builds trust. Our gut feeling is that she was abused somewhere along the way, and we're working to reassure her that she'll be safe from now on. 


Despite whatever happened to her in her past to cause her to be fearful, she wants to connect with people and loves to just sit near you or snuggle up. When she feels safe and you see her come out of her shell and wag that tail, it makes all the patience well worth it. She's being fostered in Half Moon Bay by one of our Board Members for A Girl's Best Friend Rescue. They can be reached at

Bruce - Adopted!

Bruiser 1.jpg
Bruiser 2.jpg

Bruce, formerly known as Bruiser, is a friendly 3-4 year old, 70 pound, large terrier mix who’s been living on the Coastside and has found himself needing a new home. 


He's a happy boy who loves people, wants to please, and will even give kisses on command. While he can get along with some dogs, he can also be unpredictable, and is reactive to dogs on leash so we'll be working on this highly trainable issue. 


He steals hearts quickly, loves car rides (read: co-pilot), knows "paw" and has crazy eyebrow thingys that take a lot of words to describe. He'll need to be the one and only chief cuddle officer (read: no other pets). While he's not your dog-park kinda guy, he'd like to suggest, dog parks are over-rated anyway. 


Bruce is a big fan of social distancing, but only when it comes to dogs. He is non-compliant with social distancing from humans, especially ones with laps. Given Bruce's strength and current leash reactivity we suggest an adult/teen home where there are no desires to bring in other pets.


Chris Guio,, (650) 438-0617 

Kit O'Doherty,, (650) 560-9798

Max - Adopted!

Max Shoreline.jpg
Max grass.png
Max Chris Garin Park.jpg

PACC is currently working to help rehome Max, an über handsome ~1.5 year old male Rottie / German Shepherd mix whose owner is struggling to care for him. Just barely able to meet Max's basic needs (which PACC is now helping with) his owner is hoping for a better life for the dog he clearly loves, but cannot care for. This handsome, highly social boy is spending his days on an isolated dog run, while his owner works two jobs attempting to get by in the exorbitantly priced Bay Area. 

A few things we have learned about Max so far:

  • Favorite pass time: carrying sticks

  • Envy of all his friends: can't take a bad pic

  • Signature look: one ear up, one ear down

  • Possible careers: GQ model or construction


PACC is looking for either a foster or adopter for Max. Homes with children under the age of 10 not recommended as Max would likely barrel them over. Not kitty tested yet.

If interested please use the Join Us page to reach out to us!

Cooper - Adopted!


Cooper and his sister were found in Stockton, where they'd seemingly been abandoned, and were extremely thin - to the point that they looked emaciated.  


The Good Samaritan who found them also happened to be a foster for Guardian's Light Rescue. She reached out to Guardian's Light who took both puppies into their rescue. They were fostered together until it was determined that they would be better off separated - so they could learn social skills from well socialized adult dogs.


Cooper is now in a foster home with one of our Board Members where he's living with large, small, young and senior dogs and learning valuable social skills which will be so important to him in the future. He and his sister will soon be available through Guardian's Light Dog Rescue. To contact Guardian's Light, email at

NEW: Must see video of Cooper!

Cassie - Adopted!


We’re excited to share that this little 3.5 pound bundle of cuteness that was previously homeless in Fresno, was flown into the Half Moon Bay airport this week by private plane, along with several other dogs that went to various rescues and locations. Cassie is now in a foster home in Half Moon Bay with one of our PACC members, where she is being fostered for Petaluma Pet Pals.

Cassie belonged to a homeless man who sold her to a Good Samaritan - who reached out for help. Petaluma Pet Pals took her into their rescue, arranged for the flight and the foster, and now Cassie’s future is looking much brighter. 

She's between 8-12 weeks old, very sweet and not too pushy with other dogs. She's currently living with four dog siblings who range from large to small, young to old. The oldest one who's almost 15, and rarely plays anymore, even liked Cassie enough to play with her!  She's a smart girl and learning very quickly about house and crate-training. She adores people and is happy to just hang out with you...even better, she loves to sit on your lap. She's had her first vaccination and will be fully vetted and spayed.

We’d like to thank everyone who worked together to make a great life possible for this little girl.

Cassie is available for adoption through


Chris Guio,, 650-438-0617

Leila - Adopted!

Leila is an exceptionally sweet and easy 5 year old pittie who's looking for a home with or without another friendly dog. She's fairly low energy. She can be playful but isn't a rough and tumble kind of girl. She likes to go for walks, is very affectionate, snuggles and gives kisses to everyone she meets. She previously lived with several chihuahuas in her foster home and was adopted into a great home with my sister, but the resident dog has decided he doesn't always want her around and is too unpredictable for it to be a good permanent home for her. She's house and crate trained, and a very well behaved girl who just wants to be loved. She's on an anti-seizure medication which she takes twice a day, is about $15/month and has never had a seizure while on it. My sister is heartbroken to give her up and has tried so hard to make it work with the other dog, but has come to realize that Leila would be better off in a home where all the residents want her there. Interested adopters please contact PACC Board Member Chris Guio,, (650) 438-0617

Lando - Adopted!


Lando is 1 year old, neutered male, believed to be pit bull mix who is roughly 50 lbs. He is a wonderful dog with a wonderful temperament! He is very athletic, playful and fun and does very well with other dogs. We'd love nothing more than to find him an active, energetic forever soulmate, however, Lando would do fine as a single dog as long as he gets two good walks a day.  Lando also did well on his “cat test.” Lando is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his vaccines.

Please contact Home at Last at

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CIW is a small local rescue that PACC is happy to support. Check out their wonderful adoptable cats and dogs at the link above.

Petaluma Pet Pals


PACC Board Member Chris Guio has fostered extensively for Petaluma Pet Pals. Check out their adoptable animals at the link above and contact them directly if you are interested.