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Always wanted a mini shepherd? Meet Bali! Both of these cuties are very dog social, and have come so far since they were saved from a sad situation where they had no hope, were kept in a large pen with many other dogs, with little opportunity to socialize with people. Fast forward through 6 months of love, patience, earning their trust, and showing them that the world has a lot less scary than they thought - and they’re now excited to see the people they know and trust - with wagging tails, kisses, and the adorable tap of their paw on you to say “hey, I’m here and want some attention”. Bali is more of a chill girl, at approximately 2 years old, with her adorable Corgi ears, a little more reserved with strange humans, but once you earn that trust, she’s so full of love. She’ll snuggle right up to you, and want to be your best friend. She also loves her hikes with her people and other dogs, and being part of the pack. She’s known for placing herself right in the middle of her dog friends on a walk…she seems to have figured out there’s safety in numbers and that’s right where she wants to be. Both pups are house-trained, smart, and continue to surprise us with their determination to be brave and take on new things. They quickly figured out how to use a dog door on their own - something that might have been seen as scary, but they saw how it worked and didn’t hesitate to jump on that freedom of going in and out of the house whenever they want. If you’re looking for a dog friendly, medium size companion, and have some patience yourself - you’ll be hugely rewarded with the love these two have to offer. They’re so grateful to their rescuer, for their life now, and to being given a chance to find their own family and have the wonderful future they so deserved - and they show it!

Luna Love

Need some joy in your life? Meet Luna-Love! Who doesn’t need some snuggles, kisses, and laughs in their life? Luna Love (yes, that’s her real name) is an expert at brightening up the lives of her humans. She loves to be with her people and prefers to be the only canine queen of the castle - whether it’s going for a hike, walk, or hanging out on the couch just appreciating the comforts of home. Want to be entertained? Put a kiddie pool and Luna together and you’ll be laughing at her silly antics before you can get that pool filled up! This 72 pound cutie girl, an Am Staffie, Bulldog, Cane Corso blend, is 3 years old (which means you get to skip the destructive puppy phase). Her orange and white coloring with splashes of black on her snout are STRIKING! This girl is a big, bouncy bundle of JOY! Always happy to see you when you come in the door, she wants a FULL BEAR HUG every time and we are happy to oblige. She loves to play tug, fetch and to live her days on the trails or on the couch. Luna's foster / caretaker, who meets A LOT o'dogs, says she's not sure she's ever met a more interesting dog. "Just to watch her sunbathe or play is so entertaining and funny. She will make whoever opens their heart and home have at LEAST 3 laughing outbursts a day." And let’s be real, don’t we all need some of that in our life? Given her size, PACC is searching for an adult / adult teen only home for this family clown. If this girl sounds like a good fit with your situation, complete the adoption application below and we'll be in touch!


Calling all Rottie / Teddy Bear Fans! This life size teddy bear of a girl is a dream big-dog companion. Xena is a 2.5 yr old, ~80 lb, spayed, fully vaxed and microchipped, purebred Rottweiler. PACC is helping to rehome Xena because her humans are working the long hours it sadly takes to get by in the Bay Area - this while Xena sits home alone, for longer than the family feels is right. PACC agrees that she deserves better and it's a waste of her joy and smile-inducing superpowers! Xena is über friendly with adults and kids alike, gets along well with dogs and is possibly cat friendly (she has not lived with cats but is not overly fixated on them). She's a young, healthy, strong and active girl who once exercised, does the classic rottie flop and is content to just hang with her people. PACC is looking for a medium-level active family that is comfortable with big, strong, life sized teddy bears and is home enough to enjoy the huge rottie love that comes with this girl. By medium-level activity we mean a family for whom daily walks, and weekly longer hikes or other family outings, are the norm. Children in the home should be 10+ because kids take a lot of time, dogs take time, and a lack of time is exactly why Xena is being rehomed. NOTE: While PACC works hard not to discriminate on potential adopter living situations, we are also faced with the reality that breed discrimination is alive and well in the Bay Area, particularly for Rottweilers. As such, preference will be given to home owning adopters, as landlords are notorious for changing the rules, and moving around with a rottie, no matter how friendly they are, is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Apologies in advance for this unfortunate reality.


Ever meet a mini shepherd? Meet Cowboy! This approximately 40 pound cutie (40% shepherd, 20% chihuahua, and 40% supermutt primarily made up of smaller breeds) is very dog social, house-trained, walks well on leash, and has come so far since he was saved from a sad situation where he was kept in a large pen with many other dogs. Fast forward through lots of love and patience in his foster home, showing him that the world has a lot less scary than he originally thought - and Cowboy's now excited to see the people he knows and trusts - with wagging tails, kisses, and the adorable tap of his paw on you to say “hey, I’m here and want some attention”. He's now LIKES meeting new people on his outings and continuing to expand his world and all life has to offer. The (not so tall) dark and handsome, approximately 1 year old Cowboy, is playful, does the cutest toss of his toys to himself, is energetic and loves his hiking adventures. He gains confidence from having a dog buddy with him and would enjoy an active family where he can join his pack on hikes, and continue to blossom Cowboy is a smart little guy, and continues to impress us with his determination to be brave and take on new things. He quickly figured out how to use a dog door on his own - something that might have been seen as scary, but when he saw how it worked, he didn’t hesitate to jump on that freedom of going in and out of the house whenever he wants. If you’re looking for a dog friendly, perfectly medium-sized companion, and have some patience yourself as he adjusts to a new home - you’ll be hugely rewarded with the love and entertainment Cowboy has to offer. He's so grateful to his rescuer, for his life now, and to being given a chance to find his own family and have the wonderful future he so deserves - and he shows it! Cowboy's application here (copy and paste into your browser): PACC's facebook page: PACC's Instagram page:


Meet Odin, the newest member of our PACC! He is a guestimated 2 year old, large, mostly German Shepherd, with maybe a splash of another long, lean breed cause he's well...long and lean; ~70, filling in to what should be a 75-80 lb frame; neutered, vaxed, microchipped and as sweet, gentle, and goofy as they come. Odin is great with big and little humans alike. Don't tell the intruders as he takes his guard dog duties very seriously and while being an excellent deterrent, underneath he's Mr. Nice Guy. His fosters work in education and Odin has quickly become the favorite at various high school events, where he is endlessly doted on, which is fine by him. He loves and plays well with his own kind. Odin was what we call a "greeter dog" in shelter playgroups where we had the pleasure of meeting him - meaning he's the boy that would happily greet and welcome all canine newcomers, being especially gentle with his friends struggling with shelter life. He's just a sheer joy to be around.  This boy is low maintenance, high reward! PACC is looking for an actively family for whom regular walks and play time are the norm, and where he will be a core member of the household. Odin's superpower is smiles. His are contagious so if you're looking to bring more joy, laughter and smiles into your life, give a shout out to Odin by completing the adoption application below and we'll be in touch once it's received!


Meet Lia, the biggest cuddler on the couch! This gorgeous girl is a ~1.5 yr old, spayed, 60 lb, pittie / pointy eared blend, who is up to date on vax and microchipped. She wows humans and dogs on the trail with her big smile, warm greetings, golden eyes and creamy-brindly coat. This girl is the full-package. Lia hails from San José where she was what we call a *rockstar* in shelter playgroups. She's the dog who got along well with all of her canine friends and human handlers. She was our go to girl for difficult dogs cause she's calm, confident and like..."whatever"! She fell instantly into place in PACCs pack, and enjoys romping with her own kind. Lia would do well in a multiple medium to large dog household or is happy to fly solo as well. She's just an easy going, flexible kinda girl. (We suspect she would be fine with little doggo's as well, we just haven't seen her around any). While an excellent deterrent at the door, truth be told, Lia pretty much loves every stranger she meets. And she tells them so by whacking them with her waggly tail. If she joins your family, be prepared for a few tail whaps, and hold on to your drinks. Transparently speaking, Lia's background check revealed two warnings for bread theft, one loaf and one bag of 8 bagels. Next violation will result in a misdemeanor. She's pleading not guilty. PACC is looking for an active household with an affinity for large, strong, active dogs - and a family that love, love, loves - company on the couch. If you are particular about dogs not being on the furniture, we encourage you to keep looking, cause this girl is happiest when the entire family is on the couch with her right in the middle .  Little one's in the home should be 10+  because little ones take a lot of time, dogs take time, and most families don't have time for both. We believe Lia could fit nicely into a cat savvy home as she has done well with her foster cat Rosie, even though Rosie is clear, she does not associate with dogs. 


Tank is a tripod Rottweiler who is surprisingly agile and checks all of the good boy boxes! He loves to run on the beach and is a belly rub aficionado. He is 6 years old, neutered, vaxed, microchipped and weighs ~80 lbs. He is fantastic with kids, and does well with other dogs both large and small. The best part about Tank is that nothing in life can get him down, he will be his human’s loyal best friend forever, through thick and thin & he loves with his entire heart and soul. Tank is a proud graduate of the 3 week board and train program at K9 Academy in Chino, CA where he was voted both most popular and most likely to succeed by his fellow canines. The humans followed suit by making him valedictorian. But don't let his higher ed degree intimidate you, he's as humble as they come. Tank's only challenge is that he has anxiety with storms and fireworks, so he has a thunder vest and medication to help him relax during those times, both of which will be provided to the lucky family that lands him. If Tank sounds like a good fit with your situation (loving stable home, able to provide moderate exercise, children and other dogs ok, cats unknown), give him a shout out by completing the application below.

Don't see a dog that is a good fit with your lifestyle and living situation? We work with a number of shelters and meet a lot of FANTASTIC dogs. Complete the form at the link below and we will be in touch to recommend 1-3 dogs who may be a great match for your situation. Rescue dogs are the BEST!!!! Prepare to meet LOVE!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

PACC Match Program

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