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We are thrilled to introduce Hugo - a true Ambassador of this phenomenal breed. A 100 lb, roughly 2 yr old, über friendly, neutered, "handsome boy", Hugo is healthy, up to date on vax, and microchipped. He is loving, loyal and super derpy. However, don’t confuse his derp for dumb, this guy is incredibly intelligent and a very affectionate boy who loves physical touch. He melts into your lap with head massages and ear rubs. Hugo is also a professional enchanter that can enchant any human into rubbing his belly for hours. He enjoys walks and is excellent on leash, loves chasing balls, chewing on big dawg chew toys and giving great big bear hugs. He knows sit, wait, paw, and has been working on “leave it”. Hugo is a pleaser, listens well and whoever had him before he came to us clearly loved and took excellent care of him. We are told his human(s) lived in an RV and likely could no longer care for him in the exorbitantly priced Bay Area. He is an exceptional power eater that could blow up Joey Chestnut’s Major League Eating titles on a bad day! He likes him some food! PACC is looking for a moderately active family to keep Hugo in the fine shape he is currently in - and a family who likes their dogs "BIG"! Hugo needs his walks and romps but he's no marathoner. He's not even a 10K'r - more like a 3/4 mile to miler. Hugo is wayyy too interested in cats hence there should be no felines in the home and any little humans dwelling in or visiting the home should be in their teens both because little ones take time, dogs take time and few families have time for both AND this guy is big & rough & tumbly (in a cute goofy knock you over kinda way). Hugo is being fostered here in Half Moon Bay and made himself at home right quick! NOTE: While PACC works hard not to discriminate on potential adopter living situations, we are also faced with the reality that breed discrimination is alive and well in the Bay Area, particularly for Rottweilers. As such, preference will be given to home owning adopters, as landlords are notorious for changing the rules, and moving around with a rottie, no matter how friendly they are, is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Apologies in advance for this unfortunate reality. If Hugo sounds like a good fit (moderately active household, other medium to large dogs ok and PACC will help make sure its a good fit; no cats; teens and above only; and the time and big hearts needed to care for this one of a kind goofball) complete the adoption application below and we will be in touch!


Meet Lia, Instagram Diva in the Making... This stunning girl, approximately 2 years old, is a spayed 60 lb pittie/pointy eared blend. Lia is fully vaccinated, microchipped, and boasts a striking creamy-brindly coat, golden eyes and a radiant smile that is contagious! While Lia excelled with dogs in playgroups at the San José shelter, she's decided that "in the real world" she likes her kind from a distance, but not so much on leash close up, or in the home. PACC has learned that her easy-going and flexible nature is more reserved for her human friends. That said, Lia walks nicely on leash and generally cannot be bothered by passing dogs, big or small. Between us, she's got kind of a *diva* streak going on and is hoping her new human will spend lots of time helping to grow her Instagram following. It's not unreasonable given she pretty much cannot take a bad pic! Lia is a lover of strangers, and despite being an excellent deterrent at the door, truth be told, she's probably not going to protect your things, cause she can be instantly bought with treats and affection. She shows her love through enthusiastic tail whaps and one of the most wiggly butts we've come across. If you welcome her into your family, get ready for some tail-induced excitement and hold on to your drinks! PACC seeks an active household that appreciates large, strong, and lively dogs, particularly those who cherish company on the couch. If you prefer a dog-free furniture policy, Lia might not be the perfect fit, as she thrives when the entire family is on the couch, with her in the middle (where else would a diva sit?!)  Kids in the home should be 10+  because little humans take a lot of time, dogs take time, and most families don't have time for both. Cats are not recommended. If Lia sounds like a good fit with your instagram ambitions, give her a shout out by completing the application below!


Meet Ringo! Found running skinny, scared and stray by a good samaritan, Ringo was taken to PHS in hopes our local humane society would help find him the family whose home he is going to brighten immensely. Unfortunately the only service PHS was willing to provide was euthanasia, so PACC stepped in. While PHS was "unable to introduce Ringo to even one dog due to aggression and resource guarding", neither of which he has, Ringo was running with PACC's pack the moment he met them. This guy is super pro-social and LOVES his dog buddies. We are looking for a home with other medium to large dogs for Ringo to romp with. If you have a high energy pup you'd like to run the battery down on, Ringo would be an excellent pick. He just can't say no to playing and he's got the genes and stamina to keep on playing, for as long as needed. Our boy's stats: ~2 yrs old, large, 85 lb, neutered male, up to date on vax and microchipped. As far as his lineage goes - go ahead and make yourself a cup of coffee/tea cause his DNA results take some time to plow we go:  45% German Shepherd Dog, 17% Siberian Husky, 7% Chow Chow,  3% Australian Shepherd, 2% Australian Cattle Dog, 2% White Swiss Shepherd, 5% American Pit Bull Terrier, 4% Samoyed, 3% Akita...wait, we're not done yet... 3% Doberman Pinscher, 2% Rottweiler, 2% American Staffordshire Terrier...we definitely got our money's worth on this guy's DNA test...3% Labrador Retriever and 2% Catahoula Leopard Dog. Whew!! If you read all that you get your personal equivalent of a gold star. Ringo is big, super sweet, as affectionate as they come and goofy as all get out. Plus he's just a pleasure to look at. He does have what we call separation anxiety - so all you introverted home bodies who feel guilty for not being more social and outgoing - this guy prefers your type. No more social stigma for wanting to stay at home, Ringo will stay with you! That said, when in the company of another dog(s), and you leave him, he lets out a coupla of weird "I'm gonna die" sounds and then just resigns himself to awaiting your return. He is easy peasy to walk on leash - no rotator cuff injuries with this guy - he's a little nervous out and about, likes to stick close by and the upside of that is that he does not pull. Ringo's signature move is sometimes, but not always, stirring his water with his paws before he drinks. Maybe the good stuff is at the bottom? PACC is looking for a moderately active, homebody type family where Ringo will not be left for long hours alone and a solidly (high) fenced yard for him to play and do his business in. The more medium to large dogs the merrier, as he does like his frens. Children in the home should be 10+ because little humans take time, dogs take time and few families have time for both. Ringo has not been around cats so we prefer a home without our feline friends to avoid wasting everyone's time should he be too interested in them, and lastly a family that would like to turn up the joy factor in the home and the beauty aesthetic by having this lovely creature roaming the house. If Ringo sounds like a good fit with your situation, complete our adoption application and we will be in touch once received!

Don't see a dog that is a good fit with your lifestyle and living situation? We work with a number of shelters and meet a lot of FANTASTIC dogs. Complete the form at the link below and we will be in touch to recommend 1-3 dogs who may be a great match for your situation. Rescue dogs are the BEST!!!! Prepare to meet LOVE!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

PACC Match Program

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