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Board Members

Kit O'Doherty

Kit Capitol View.JPG

Kit grew up in San José, CA and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a Masters in Public Administration. She has dedicated her career to public service and volunteering. She is a former 15 year volunteer at Peninsula Humane Society, and currently enjoys volunteering for Berkeley Animal Care Services. She has also volunteered briefly for San José Animal Care Center in support of dog playgroups and SF Animal Care & Control. Kit is a huge fan of Dogs Playing for Life (DPFL) and the paradigm shift this model represents in the quality of life and increase in live outcomes of shelter dogs. She learned to run large-scale dog play groups through a DPFL mentorship at Longmont Humane Society where she met staff and volunteers from shelters across the nation who share a passion for the well being of animals in the public’s care.

Alicia Falsetto


Alicia is a Bay Area, California native. She served as Director of the Leonard X. Bosack & Bette M. Kruger Charitable Foundation for more than ten years. Alicia's role included the management of multiple projects in the areas of animal welfare and wildlife protection. One of the many projects she spearheaded involved the collaboration of several non-governmental organizations and INTERPOL. The outcome of this project led to an anti-poaching operation, ongoing today, protecting elephants and rhinos in more than sixteen African countries. Alicia has traveled extensively, mostly for her jobs in the area of Philanthropy, and served on the Animal Grantmakers 

Board of Directors from 2008-2011. She is currently an advisor to several 501c3 animal welfare organizations.

Sandy Spurlock

Sandy Spurlock grew up in Pacifica and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from SF State. She currently works at Johnson and Johnson in the Infectious Disease and Vaccine group. She also helped her husband start a non-profit organization, Humanmade, which provides workforce development to underserved communities. 

Sandy has always been an animal lover and believes fiercely that no animal should ever be given up on. She volunteered for 3 years at Peninsula Humane Society in the kitten nursery. Sandy found her way to dog rescue when she saved a sweet pit bull named Tyson from being euthanized by PHS. Since then, she has become committed to saving as many dogs as possible and to helping change the outdated evaluations that animals undergo in a shelter environment.

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