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PACC Priorities

Our priorities are informed by over four decades of combined volunteering in the trenches, and rescuing dogs from CA public shelters. We have witnessed first hand the behemoth that is CA's public sheltering system, trying to keep up with the unrelenting flow of unplanned and unwanted animals entering what are too often, essentially animal prisons, ill equipped to adequately care for such sentient and social beings. PACC is actively working to support the day where the number of animals entering our shelters is small, manageable, and those animals experience the care, compassion, and yes PLAY we would all hope for, from our local shelters. For these reasons, we are laser focused on the 3 priorities below...

1. Legislate a CA Spay Neuter Fund

Spaying and neutering saves money. It simultaneously increases community safety and is a humane alternative to animals entering, suffering in, and dying in shelters. Despite California taxpayers funding ~153 public shelters to the tune of ~$400M annually to control, shelter, vet, adopt out and euthanize animals, California has the second highest shelter animal kill rate in the nation, behind Texas.


This tragedy has been taking place for far too long, and must stop NOW.

PACC sponsored
Assembly Bill 240 calling for a CA Spay Neuter Fund to stop the endless flow of unwanted dogs, cats and feral (community cats) entering, suffering, and dying in our shelters. Despite Assemblymember Kalra and his staff (25th Assembly District - San José) helping to shepherd this long overdue legislation, it has been put on hold for the 2023 legislative session.


That said, AB 240 has reignited the fire around the urgent need for spay neuter at the levels adequate to reverse CA's tragic pet overpopulation problem.


PACC is now joining with several other groups to pass critical legislation. 

We will need YOUR help to get long overdue and important legislation passed to end the tragedy, a small example of which can be witnessed in the video below. This is one row of dogs, among row after row after row in shelters across our state. Yes, these dogs are incredibly stressed out, and yes, that is shit (for lack of a better term) that they are running through and spinning in. Turn the volume up LOUD to experience what it is actually like. The putrid smell cannot be replicated in the video. This with shelter staff doing their best to keep kennels clean and sanitized but the kennels don't stay clean for long and there are only so many shifts in the larger shelters 💔


2. Bring Playgroups to CA Shelters

CA is behind the curve in committing to the national best practice, highly respected, Dogs Playing for Life playgroup model, that commits to Every Dog, Out to Play, Every Day. Instead animals in many, if not most, CA public shelters languish, isolated in kennels where they suffer terribly, rapidly deteriorate and are subsequently, quietly euthanized (Peninsula Humane Society, Contra Costa Animal Services, Santa Cruz Animal Shelter, we're looking at you).

PACC does not accept any excuses for not transforming the lives of shelter dogs through the relatively simple, incredibly inexpensive act of safely grouping dogs by play style and LETTING THEM OUT TO PLAY! Compare the video above and below - if you were shelter dog - which would you choose?! What do you hope for from your local public shelter?!

3. Rescue and Rehome Shelter Dogs at Risk of Euthanasia

Shelter dogs are our passion. We identify shelter dogs at risk of euthanasia, match them with suitable foster homes, ready them for adoption and then find loving forever families to provide the life every companion animal deserves. We likewise help with rehoming dogs at risk of landing in a shelter as a result of individual or family crisis, trauma, or poverty. 

See Success Stories for the animals we, alongside our communities, have poured our hearts into to date ❤️

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