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A family needing to rehome Leo - their much loved 14 month old, neutered, male, believed to be Black Lab / Border Collie has reached out to PACC for help.


As far as we can tell, circumstances for this young guy have been suboptimal pretty much from the day he was born. The family's daughter, who bought the dog, did so without her parents permission, when she was struggling with mental health issues that have since become severe. As a result, Leo's basic needs were not met and he was not socialized well with people, other dogs or the the world at large (all of this took place during Covid, so Leo has had little exposure to the world at large). As dogs are inclined to do, Leo took on the role of protecting the human that struggled to care for herself, let alone him.


That said, in the parents home, Leo is a core member of the household who interacts very nicely with the 17 year old Jack Russell and resident cat. With patience Leo adjusted to both, in a matter of hours - so we are optimistic he can be an adored family member in a stable, predictable environment - but are looking to confirm that with a foster prior to exploring adoption options for him. He has learned to "ring the bell" when he needs to go out, is a "ball dog", is smart and very capable. PACC see's plenty of positives to give this guy a chance and we fully support the family's decision in needing to focus full-time on their daughters' very serious condition (and avoid complaints since they are only allowed one dog where they live, and the 17 year old Jack Russell has dibs).


IF you have a deep love for animals that were deprived of a fair start in life; have experience with less than perfect dogs; have no pets, or one mature / stable type dog; and can open your home and back yard to helping us learn more about Leo, we would be grateful for any help.


If in a position to help, please complete PACC's foster application at the link below and we will contact you once it's received:


PACC Foster Application


PACC will provide full financial and behavioral support to ensure Leo's foster can focus solely on providing a predictable and loving foster home. 


If you are not in a position to foster but want to contribute to a bright future for Leo - please share this post as you are able.

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