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Meet Sammie


Meet Sammie - as in she, not he. This 3-5 year old, spayed female pittie will soon be on the motivational speaking circuit sharing how to turn lemons into lemonade.

Abandoned in a backyard, Sammie landed at a shelter emaciated and literally on her last legs. Slated for euthanasia - A Girl's Best Friend rescue lived up to their name and stepped in to give this girl the chance every dog deserves. Despite a general vet check clearing her of any serious conditions, other than needing love, rest and food - Sammie took a serious turn for the worse shortly after leaving the shelter.


Turns out she was diabetic. Sammie was subsequently subjected to constant prodding and poking (to draw blood for purposes of measuring glucose levels) and a highly specialized diet that meant she couldn't always have food even when hungry). We don't know about you, but we aren't a pretty sight when we get hangry. Not Sammie though, this little angel seemed to understand the humans tormenting her had the right intentions. Not all dogs would reward the "needlers" with warm eyes and licks - but that's just how Sammie rolls.

Fast forward and Sammie's figure is filling out, she's gaining energy to play and can increasingly enjoy her favorite activities, in the following order: cuddling, cuddling, and cuddling.

Sammie's diabetes is coming under control and diabetic dogs can live full normal lives with humans that don't shudder at the thought of a pin prick now and then, and a quick insulin shot twice a day.

Sammie loves humans of all ages, sizes and shapes and can be a happy member of a multiple big and/or small dog household - we of course would test for compatibility but she is currently living with a 4-pack consisting of small, big, middle aged and senior dogs - some (ok one) of whom is a real butthead - but Sammie takes it in stride and makes it work.


If you are looking for warmth, inspiration and cuddling in your life and Sammie sounds like a good fit with your situation contact or  Sammie is being fostered by one of our board members and she is happy to answer any questions about this little lovebug.


P.S. Not kitty tested yet, but could be if needed.

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