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PACC is helping to rehome this little gem because Lucky is finding herself not so lucky given her human cannot find a place to rent that will allow her. This is a growing problem that is affecting a lot of well meaning dog guardians and PACC steps in to help when we can. We do think some family IS going to be VERY LUCKY to score this girl, cause she's super cute, very popular sized, well mannered, easy going and will avoid the pulling-the-hair-out that can sometimes come with those cute lil puppies or naughty adolescents (both of which we love, but not everyone has the patience for).

Believed to be a lab-mix (it's gonna take a DNA test to know for sure), her human rescued her from the streets in Houston. It is likely she has previously had a litter but PACC has seen to getting her spayed. She is that coveted medium size dog we get a lot of requests for, tipping the scales at ~45-50 lbs. Up to date on vax and microchipped, Lucky is guestimated to be 7 years old. Also very popular, she's a quiet girl (by which we mean VERY QUIET ). She only barks when there is a knock on the door or when a loud truck goes by.

Lucky likes adults and kids alike. She has been the only dog in the home her whole life so she takes a few minutes to warm up to dogs - she wasn't sure of PACC dog Zena (granted almost twice her size) but then quickly decided Zena was kinda ok. If you have another dog we will make sure it's a good fit. If you don't have another dog, that is what Lucky is used to, so that will be fine by her.

Lucky really is that mature, no fuss, no house or other training kind of girl. No separation anxiety, no destruction in her entire history so far.

Too perfect you say? OK fine, she has been known to chase rabbits and has come a little too close to catching one, but that was in her springier years. Nonetheless, we do not recommend her with rabbits, nor do we recommend cats.

If Lucky sounds like a good fit with your situation: No patience for puppy or other training, you like your home intact, you have a home, ideally with a yard where beauties like her are not just allowed, but welcome and loved; you are looking for a walking (not pulling) adventure partner, and she will be a central and permanent part of the household - please complete the adoption application below and we will be in touch once its received.


Odin is a guestimated 2 year old, large, mostly German Shepherd, with maybe a splash of another long, lean breed cause he's well...long and lean; ~80 lbs; neutered, vaxed, microchipped and as sweet, gentle, and goofy as they come.

Odin is great with big and little humans alike. Don't tell the intruders as he takes his guard dog duties very seriously and while being an excellent deterrent, underneath he's Mr. Nice Guy. His fosters work in education and Odin has quickly become the favorite at various high school events, where he is endlessly doted on, which is fine by him. He loves and plays well with his own kind. Odin was what we call a "greeter dog" in shelter playgroups where we had the pleasure of meeting him - meaning he's the boy that would happily greet and welcome all canine newcomers, being especially gentle with his friends struggling with shelter life. He's just a sheer joy to be around. 

This boy is low maintenance, high reward! PACC is looking for an actively family for whom regular walks and play time are the norm, and where he will be a core member of the household.

Odin's superpower is smiles. His are contagious so if you're looking to bring more joy, laughter and smiles into your life, give a shout out to Odin by completing the adoption application below and we'll be in touch once it's received!


Hello I am Calvin, a large, 2 yr old, ~70 lb, neutered male German Shepherd / your best guess (maybe Collie?!), foofball. I am up to date on vax and microchipped.

I was asked to let you all know what I'm like. Transparently speaking, my foster mom helped me with this homework, my edits are in [brackets]:

I am [the awesomest] big sweet boy, who loves dogs, big and small [unless they are hella scary and then I want no part of them]. I smell everything on walks, which are my favorite things [in the world]. I run after balls and bring them back, in a lovely, big, bouncy way. When I walk, I look like I am floating and I am alert to all wildlife around me. I spot things wayyyy before my humans [actually I smell them but that's a minor detail]. I have been around horses and though I am a bit shy, I don’t pounce or bark at them, I am curious [cause they smell nice]. I have been around my foster mom's, daughter's, pack of 1 big dog, 2 little dogs and 1 little human, and I had excellent manners [which cannot be said for one of her little dogs, but I digress]. I would do well in a house with other dogs, and kids [but probably not cats because they would definitely get me in trouble].

WRT house manners, I am guilty of having mild separation anxiety when the humans leave [no comment]. But I am smart and want to please, and am already figuring out they love me and will be back so [most of the time] I fuss at the beginning and then lay and sleep calmly till they come home. In the mornings I wake the humans up with a very special snuggle. I respond when called, know to go to my bed, and I sit and wait when asked. While I am a bit skittish around new men, or fast moving bikes, I warm up quickly, have made friends everywhere I go and lean into them with affection. [If you like a good leaner, I'm pretty much your guy].

On walks I wait patiently when my humans chat [I think she means talk forever]. I even recently visited Japantown and did fabulous, sitting at the outdoor restaurant. [I wasn't given a menu, which I'm still getting over...].

If I sound like a good fit with your situation, reach out to [my besties] at PACC by filling out the quick application below. [I look forward to leaning on you]!


Calling all Rottie / Teddy Bear Fans!

This life size teddy bear of a girl is a dream big-dog companion.

Xena is a 2.5 yr old, ~80 lb, spayed, fully vaxed and microchipped, purebred Rottweiler.

PACC is helping to rehome Xena because her humans are working the long hours it sadly takes to get by in the Bay Area - this while Xena sits home alone, for longer than the family feels is right. PACC agrees that she deserves better and it's a waste of her joy and smile-inducing superpowers!

Xena is über friendly with adults and kids alike, gets along well with dogs and is possibly cat friendly (she has not lived with cats but is not overly fixated on them). She's a young, healthy, strong and active girl who once exercised, does the classic rottie flop and is content to just hang with her people.

PACC is looking for a medium-level active family that is comfortable with big, strong, life sized teddy bears and is home enough to enjoy the huge rottie love that comes with this girl. By medium-level activity we mean a family for whom daily walks, and weekly longer hikes or other family outings, are the norm.

Children in the home should be 10+ because kids take a lot of time, dogs take time, and a lack of time is exactly why Xena is being rehomed.

NOTE: While PACC works hard not to discriminate on potential adopter living situations, we are also faced with the reality that breed discrimination is alive and well in the Bay Area, particularly for Rottweilers. As such, preference will be given to home owning adopters, as landlords are notorious for changing the rules, and moving around with a rottie, no matter how friendly they are, is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Apologies in advance for this unfortunate reality.


"Tank is a tripod (3-legged) Rottweiler who is surprisingly agile and checks all of the good boy boxes! He is a belly rub aficionado. He is 6 years old, neutered, vaxed, microchipped and weighs ~80 lbs. He is fantastic with kids, and does well with other dogs both large and small. The best part about Tank is that nothing in life can get him down, he will be his human’s loyal best friend forever, through thick and thin & he loves with his entire heart and soul.

Tank is a proud graduate of the 3 week board and train program at K9 Academy in Chino, CA where he was voted both most popular and most likely to succeed by his fellow canines. The humans followed suit by making him valedictorian. But don't let his higher ed degree intimidate you, he's as humble as they come. Tank's only challenge, in addition to having lost one of his legs, is that he has anxiety with storms and fireworks, so he has a thunder vest and medication to help him relax during those times, both of which will be provided to the lucky family that lands him.

If Tank sounds like a good fit with your situation (loving stable home, able to provide moderate exercise, children and other dogs ok, cats unknown), give him a shout out by completing the application below."


Fin: Get A Load of This Lil Nugget!

Meet the newest member of PACC's pack. At ~ 1 yr old, 45 lbs, neutered, vaxed and microchipped Fin is an adorable pittie boy blend with that coveted medium sized bod. Fin is the perfect combination of play buddy, stand up comedian and snuggler. Fin is being re-homed because he needs a more active family and one that can expose him to fun in the big world on hikes, beach outings, and the like. As PACC, while we're not super fond of dog parks, Fin is! So if that's your thing he would make room on his calendar!

With humans Fin is a tad shy at first, but with reassurance and tasty treats, before you know it he is over it, snuggling and makes a great TV buddy who doesn't constantly ask you to change the channel like other family members might.

With dogs it's full on fun from the get go. Fin still has the play moves of a puppy and is at the age where play, romp, nap, and bring love and laughter to the family are on his daily to do list. Families who have a dog or two with extra energy to burn would make a great fit for Fin as he's a built in play buddy.

If yours is an active family, ideally with other playful dogs, a solidly fenced yard (Fin has some jump in his genes) and you're looking to turn up the cuteness and fun factor in the home, complete the adoption application below and we'll be in touch.

Children in the home should be 7 or above (this because the little ones take time, dogs take time and both generally take more time than most families have).


Kolbie is that understated guy in the room that doesn't suck up all the air, is happy to listen, wag, and take things in. Friendly with everyone he meets, he exudes an aura of calm. He's on the mello-er end of the scale for his husky lineage - loves long walks for sure or will chase 4 balls full speed and then call it quits. From there he's content to hang with his people. Kolbie is a pleasure to be around, and you feel lucky and warm in his presence. His past lives strike us as having been interesting, but given he's in a foster home we haven't had much time to pry his previous experiences out of him. They didn't impact him negatively though, cause he's a level headed guy that takes things in stride.

Kolbie is a ~2.5 yr old, large at 60 lbs, neutered, male, believed to be full husky who is healthy, up to date on vax and microchipped. He romps with 8 of our PACC dogs regularly, all similarly sized stable dogs.

PACC is looking for a mid-range active household where Kolbie will be a central part of the family. Given some evidence of a strong interest in cats, Kolbie is not recommended for homes with our feline friends.


Cassie is a super easy peasy, cuddly, girl who's perfectly content hanging out with her favorite people at home, sunbathing in the yard, and going for easy walks (she loves her walkies), but doesn't need any strenuous hikes. Cassie’s super power is brightening people's hour, day, life depending on how long you spend with her. She's therapy without the bill. She soaks up the ooo's and aww's that are pretty much everyone's innate reaction to meeting her. So if you have a lotta love to give, and can use some unconditional love back - you're lucky you're reading this post.

Roughly 6 years old, spayed, vaxed, and chipped, Cassie is what we call a low-riding, adorable little hippo / pittie blend. Her favorite things might be yours too: sleeping in, nice quiet meals, snuggling and cuddling, napping in ray of sunshine, and going for fun walks that don't take up your whole day. If you are more a reader than a runner, prefer podcasts to pilates, or just don't need a dog to go everywhere with you, Cassie just might be your girl. And, if you gotta work or spend time away from home she understands and will just chill till you come home, greeting you at the door with her signature smile and wiggly tail greeting.

This little package is a low maintenance girl so if you aren't as active as you think you should be - drop the guilt and cuddle up with Cassie.

If Cassie sounds like a good fit with your situation (ideally a home with a fenced yard) give a shout out to Cassie by completing the adoption application below and we will be in touch once it's received.


Meet Hamilton! A super sweet, extremely gentle approximately 2 year old boy (may be part boxer based on his play style, we have a DNA test in the works) who loves his own kind almost as much as he loves his people.

Hamilton is a little shy in new situations (aren’t a lot of us?) but gains confidence from having another furry friend who can show him that whatever comes his way, it’s all gonna be ok. Once he’s comfortable, this boy will offer you his paw as if to hold your hand (no asking on your part needed) and literally hug you with both “arms”. He won’t jump on you but he’ll carefully and slowly stand up on his hind legs asking if you want a hug cuz he’s just a very polite kind of guy. He’s guaranteed to make you laugh with his goofy leaps (maybe part gazelle?) while he does his zoomies around the yard. After getting some fun in, he's perfectly content to snuggle up with you or just relax while you do whatever it is you gotta do, while keeping a watchful eye on what you’re up to.

He's wonderful with large and small dogs (including small senior dogs), and while we haven’t tested him with cats yet, he ignores squirrels on walks – so we think there’s a pretty good chance he’d have no problem with a cat brother or sister. He’s just a gentle guy who wants to get along with everyone and didn’t get the “I gotta be the big boy” memo.

Hamilton loves to hike and would be a great partner if you’re active or working on those New Year’s resolutions to get in shape. He’s house-trained, 65 pounds (more of a tall and slender, than short and stocky guy), and just wants to be your best friend.


Patty's a "Woo Woo" instead of "Woof Woof" Kinda Girl!

This is what Patty's awesome foster family has to say about our adorable ~1 yr old, 45 lb, up to date on vax, spayed and microchipped mini pittie girl:

Do you enjoy snuggling with a sweet soul?
Do you want a companion who loves belly rubs?
Do you want a dog that doesn't bark but instead makes adorable "woo woo" sounds?
Do you enjoy cooking while a furry friend watches your every move to learn the recipe?
Well, Patty is for you!!

Patty is the sweetest, goofiest, and most affectionate little girl. Despite a rough start in life, she is such a forgiving soul. Prior to fostering, Patty most likely never lived inside a home. This smart girl picks up things quickly and is very food motivated which is great for training. In no time at all, she learned how to live inside (e.g. entering through doorways, using stairs, and being housetrained). This precious sweetie has great manners on not running out of the door until she is allowed. Patty gets along well and plays with the three dogs and two teenagers in our family. She loves all guests from young children to adults who visit our home. We want to keep her dearly but know that it is best to adopt her out so we can continue fostering other dogs in need. Patty deserves to be with humans that will give her a home with the unconditional love she gives ten fold in return.


Meet Rhett, the newest member of our PACC. Rhett hails from Montara Mountain where he and his sister were found thin, wandering, and very hungry.

Rhett's super friendliness potentially saved his life as he came running to the good samaritan who called him and it was mutual love at first sight. Which is pretty much the case with everyone who meets Rhett. He's just got the love vibe going on ❤️.

At ~10 months old, medium and growing (xx lbs), a neutered male husky, up to date on vax and microchipped - Rhett will likely land in the medium / large category once done growing. He is what we call a LAFSO dog - leaner and foot sitter on-er. Just in time for winter, Rhett can compete with even the coziest warm slippers. Despite his looks, he is still a puppy, but so his new family will need to fine tune the already impressive work his foster family has done in house training and avoiding puppy chewing. Happily he prefers chew toys to couches which cannot be said of all big puppy's! Rhett gets 4 out of 5 stars on the good puppy, soon to be dog front and PACC will provide easy guidance to get him to that 5th star!

Rhett is super fun to explore the great outdoors with as he loves daily adventures that involve his two favorite things - meeting new people and meeting new dogs (big and small alike). He is even tolerant of the little yappies that PACC loves, but not all dogs do. PACC is looking for an active family accustomed to the strength that medium to large *sled dogs* can bring. With the right harness though, he walks nicely on leash, *most of the time.

Speaking of most of the time, Rhett has considerable prey drive, possibly accentuated by his time spent *in the great outdoors - living off the land*, hence cats are not recommended.

If you have a thing for four legged, fluffy, adorable, red heads, and Rhett sounds like a good fit with your situation (active home with a fenced yard ideally near open space) - complete the application below and we will be in touch!


You know those rare souls that are wise, gentle, appreciate life, ooze happiness, and you just love to be around them?
Well, Cassius (Cash) our adorable tri-color hunk is one of them…a true gem.

Cash spent 5 months in the San Jose shelter which is stressful on any dog, but his easy going attitude allowed him to not only stay sane, but show his heartfelt appreciation to every person who took time out of their day to visit him. We came along, fell in love with him and decided it was time for him to break outta the shelter.

He’s now in a loving foster home where he’s adjusted beautifully (no issues whatsoever) and wasted no time taking in and enjoying the finer things in life like soft beds, toys, and lotsa snuggles and kisses. The shelter listed him as 10 but we think he’s younger after he showed us that he likes to play with toys and thinks young puppies can be fun (everything in moderation of course). He’s a well behaved gentleman (with an occasional adorable snort) who still has a playful and goofy side…the best of both worlds.

Cash loves walks, the beach, nibbling on his stuffies in the sweetest way, car rides where he takes in the smells of the great outdoors breezing by his face (did we mention he really, really loves car rides?), and most anything else his humans like to do - including just hanging out at home next to his people, and soaking up all the love that was in short supply for so long. He’s now regularly strolling the streets of Burlingame where he’s outnumbered by the doodles, but doesn’t let that bother him - as he’s too busy saying hello to everyone he meets, and welcoming all the compliments he gets on his unique hunky look and exceptional manners.

Cash is fully housetrained, large and small dog friendly with respectful dogs, likes kids, and knows some basic commands - but his innate joy and easy going temperament is what really makes him shine!

If you think Cash might be a good fit for your home and are interested in meeting him please fill out his adoption application here and we’ll get back to you shortly.


Max before.jpg

Max Before

Max After.jpg

Max After

PACC was recently asked to help with Max, an über handsome ~1.5 year old male Rottie / German Shepherd mix whose owner was struggling to care for him. Just barely able to meet Max's basic needs his owner was hoping for a better life for the dog he clearly loved, but couldn't care for. This handsome, highly social boy was spending his days on an isolated, unsanitary dog run, while his owner worked two jobs attempting to get by in the exorbitantly priced Bay Area. 

Healthy nutrition, regular hikes out in nature, and exposure to car rides and PACC's pack did wonders for Max. We likewise partnered with Furry Friends to get Max fixed in record time. Max's video took  social media outlets by storm and soon several families reached out willing to offer Max a brighter future. Today he is an integral part of his new family: Mom, Dad, college-aged triplets and Tyler, his new best bud and a former Peninsula Humane Society dog.

Go Max!!!!!

Huge shout outs to: Petaluma Pet Pals, Rocket Dog, Beyond Rescue, Furry Friends, Family Dog Rescue, Rotts of Love and several others who kindly courtesy posted Max on our behalf. It takes a village!



Mia is a 3 year old terrier mix who found herself in the Bakersfield shelter after her owner surrendered her. She was scheduled for euthanasia, as we understand it, for stress induced snapping in the shelter.

She was fortunate to find a foster home with a woman in Bakersfield where she lived for 6 months. Unfortunately she hadn't found a permanent home when her foster mom decided to move out of the area (she couldn't bring Mia with her) and Mia was about to head back to the shelter with a very grim outlook.

When we heard about Mia's situation, we reached out to the local community to see if there was any interest in fostering or adopting Mia in the Bay Area (while Petaluma Pet Pals graciously agreed to take her into their rescue).  A wonderful couple responded and worked with Mia to overcome her fear of strangers by using time and patience. They have since adopted Mia, and she now lives near the beach with two other small dogs and a cat. Success stories such as this are not only inspiring, but show how a team effort makes such a difference in creating these happy endings for animals who find themselves in unfortunate situations through no fault of their own.

Sir Pip

Sir Pip.jpg
Sir Pip 2.jpg

PACC received a call from Sir Pip's human who recently had to move and the only place he could find would allow only 1 of his 2 dogs. He was faced with rehoming Pip or risking being evicted. PACC put out feelers and incredibly the perfect person came along in the form of Bev. Bev jumped into action and took over care of Sir Pip who now has not one, but two excellent options for a loving home. Here is what Sir Pip's owner had to say: "Thank you for all of your help and for finding the best person that you could have found. Bev is a real great lady and Mr. Pip has it made being with her". Given how hard it is to get by in the Bay Area, and the difficulty of finding affordable places to live that allow dogs, we were thrilled we could help with rehoming Sir Pip.


Penny unchained.jpeg

Penny Before

Penny waves.jpeg

Penny After

Penny is PACC's first success story. Penny was seen chained to a trailer in a backyard in Half Moon Bay. When not chained to the trailer, she was kept confined in a shed with no outlet for taking care of business other than in the shed. She had mange, swollen eyes, infected ears, and listless eyes. PACC Board Members offered help to what turned out to be a lovely owner, struggling with poverty. A young, single mom whose husband had recently been killed in gang violence - mom's priority, naturally, was her 7 year old daughter. The trailer that Penny was chained to was their home, for which they paid $1300/mos in rent. Mom worked full-time, had an extra weekend job, and still could not make ends meet. PACC arranged for immediate vet care and daily outings on the coastal trail to begin socializing this beautiful girl. Penny began an 8 month road to becoming the healthy, exuberant, happy dog she is now. PACC was disappointed when after waiting several months to get Penny spayed (she was living with two intact males in the same location and was believed to have already had a litter) PHS ultimately would not spay her due to a purported heart murmur. This despite local vets not being able to confirm said heart murmur. Several months lost and $600 later, Penny was finally spayed! 


PACC Board Members later learned how Penny got her name. Her now beautifully glossy coat, is the color of a penny.

Smokey - Adopted!


If you're searching for meaning, Smokey will help you find it.


Friends of Smokey's humans reached out to PACC asking for help rehoming this beloved boy due to traumatic circumstances that have befallen his people. We are grateful to be in a position to help and think one lucky family is going to cherish this boy knowing they are helping fellow humans in need. That's where the meaning comes in.


Smokey is deeply loved and we fully intend to keep it that way! A large, neutered, ~75 lb, super chill, 8 yr old, Pointer, Heeler, Pittie boy blend, Smokey is microchipped, up to date on vax and winner of the goodest boy award, multiple times over. Smokey is: good with dogs of all sizes, good with humans of all sizes, and wait for it...good with cats of all sizes.


This boy is a rare find! C'mon, not even one *special trait* we need to alert you to?! Nope, as we said, Smokey's the *goodest boy* - he even eats his vegetables (carrots, sweet peas and the like). At the time of this writing, Smokey emailed and asked that broccoli be added to the list. Smokey is a spry boy who will be happy to accompany you on strolls, walks and/or hikes. He's a calming force, a lap warmer and that coveted leaner.


He especially loves children and asked us to add belly rubs as well. Smokey recently lost his human dad, and while his human mom is struggling and needs to focus on herself - she ain't gonna do it until her boy is safe, sound and part of a loving family. That's where you come in! If Smokey sounds like a good fit with your situation, complete the adoption application linked below and we'll reach out once it's received.


Prepare to meet love! PACC Adoption Application:

Blake - Adopted!

Blake 1.jpeg
Blake 3.jpeg
New Blake 1.jpeg