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Bestest Hiking Buddy Ever!


Take a look at Blake and throw out your guess. Most popular opinion to date is...Black Lab / Great Dane. Absent a DNA test we're going with that. Blake is a large, boisterous, neutered, 14 month old, junior rugby player / wrestler / runner / hiker. Once tired he has a nice flop that is thoroughly entertaining. His foster mom, despite her busy dog walking business, has shaped him nicely - he knows sit, drop it, walks nicely on leash "most of the time" and generally listens. That said, when his needs for exercise have not been met, all bets are off!


PACC recommends an active family for whom daily exercise is a given and this isn't your first rodeo (read, have had and loved big active dogs in the past :-) Kids big enough not to get knocked over by this guy (10+) recommended. Other robust medium to large dogs that might want a play buddy would be welcome. Blake's tail is thick enough that you feel it when it wags. And it wags A LOT, cause Blake is generally a happy guy. Oh, and hold on to your drinks as this guy can clear a table with that tail. Blake bonds quickly and like most dogs, is looking to be a central part of the family. He is very respectful of bigger stable dogs, holds his own with similarly aged and sized rough and tumble types, but we won't lie - he will take advantage of smaller rugby opponents when he can (isn't that what you want on your team? How else you gonna win??!!)

If you like your dogs big, goofy, fun and soon to be past the cute and / but crazy puppyhood stage - give a shout out to Blake by filling out the PACC adoption application below. We will contact you once it's received.

P.S. Blake is not kitty-tested yet. We believe he can live with cats, but only eyes-wide-open kitty owners should apply since it would likely require considerable patience to introduce him to feline
members of the household.

PACC Adoption Application

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